2017 Artists

    Few and Far

    Multiple Cities, Worldwide

    Few and Far is an assemblage of 17 women from across the globe who beautify the streets. In a shared commitment to creativity, education and social justice, Few and Far draws, paints, skateboards and teaches all over the globe. Their first collaborative work was done with the unique intention of celebrating female graffiti and street artists. In creating this work, they realized that they had also created a matriarchal model for public art-making - further committing to the empowerment of women and girls.

    Participating Few and Far artists include:

    Meme - Hailing from Northern California, Meme developed a love of graffiti and skateboarding in her youth. Motivated to start something positive that would combine both of these passions, Meme created Few and Far, which has become a powerful female voice in the male-dominated world of skateboarding and graffiti. When Meme is not working with Few and Far, she directs creative photo shoots, plans group trips, and paints and skates actively all over the globe.

    Ursula X. Young - Over the past twenty years illustrator, painter, muralist and designer Ursula Xanthe Young has become known for her unique flowery urban fairytale illustrations. A Graduate of Parsons School of Design, Ursula finds inspiration in the organic yet urban landscape of San Francisco and Northern California. She is also highly influenced by her travels to the far-flung reaches of the globe and the variety of colorful characters and environments that she encounters.

    Deity - Self-taught painter and muralist Deity is best known for her soft, ethereal female characters and is inspired by nature, folklore and traditional culture. Deity started painting the streets in 2008 and has made murals in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Italy, France and Spain. She uses a combination of paintbrush and aerosol as her mediums. Currently living in Ontario, California, Deity plans to keep collaborating with other international artists to help inspire the next generation of female street artists.