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Points of Interest

2018 Artist Location
Aik Brown 3400 3rd Avenue
Anthony Padilla 1121 15th st. Residence Inn Sacramento at Capitol Park- Hotel entrance
Apexer 711 J St.
Bordalo 917 7th St. Improv Alley at 8th st. (Start Date 8/13)
Brent Patten 1721 Del Paso Blvd
Brett Crawford 629 Jst Bank Improv Alley
Camille Rose Garcia Holy Diver East Side 1517 21st St.
Charmaine Olivia 405 K st. DOCO west
David de la Mano 1330 R street -B
Glob 1709 Del Paso Blvd King Cong Brewing Del Paso El Monte Ave Alley
Guido Palmadessa 2450 Alhambra Blvd College Track X st Broadway alley
Herakut 1330 R st -A (Start Date 8/13)
Hugo Kriegel 8th st. Improv Alley
Ilse Valfre 1815 Kst - Porch Restaurant Parking lot
Jaya King 2858 35th Street - Guild Theater
Jenn Ponci 1608 I st - Visit Sacamento-Avis parking lot
John Pugh J Street at 6th Street Alley
Kristin Farr J Street at 6th Street Alley - DOCO Plaza
Lin Fei Fei 1517 21st st. Holy Diver
Lord Pawn 1721 Del Paso Blvd- Improv alley
Mateus Bailon 1225 R Street - Regional Transit
Michelle Murtaugh 921 11th st Elks Tower Casino Improv Alley
Monty Guy 629 J st. front of the Bank Building West facing wall
MurOne 1253 5th Street West 555 Capitol Mall Garage
Paola Delfin 1517 21st (side wall) Holy Diver
Peter Williams 480 K St DOCO West
Pixel Pancho 710 J St.
Risk 1414 Del Paso Blvd. Launch Pad) (Start Date 8/14)
Sac Artists Wall 6000 J St, Sacramento
Scott Froschauer 7th st, Improv alley
Shamsia Hassani 1124 Del Paso Blvd Sacramemto (Start Date 8/15)
Shepard Fairey 1121 15th st. Residence inn Sacramento at Capitol Park- East facing wall on L st (Start Date 8/13)
Sonya Fe 701 S st. CADA on 7th
Stan Padilla 917 7th st. Improv alley
Tom Bob Scavenger hunt - hints on Facebook

2017 Points of Interest

Artist Location
Maren Conrad 1050 20th street. MARRS building
Lopan and Ernie Fresh 1103 No. B St.
Jorit Agoch 1123 J st. (Mural Place) Wall A
Tavar Zawacki 1123 J st. (Mural Place) Wall A
Askew 116 North 16th Street (pipeworks brewery)
Stephanie Taylor 125 I St (Railroad Museum)
Raphael Delgado 1413 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95811 (jalepenos)
Jake Castro 15th and R
Kinetik Ideas AKA Anthony Padilla 1716 L St. (old soul)
SV Williams & Molly Devlin 1724 11th Street
Lora Zombie 1729 13th Street
Nosego 1730 L Street
Roy Gonzalez 1815 K Street
Jeremiah Kille 1900 K st back of TRUE
John Horton 2020 I Street
Adnate 2131 Capitol Ave.
Bryan Valenzuela 2710 R Street
Waylon Horner 3402 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817
Jeff Musser 3925 Power Inn Road: graphix
Few and Far -Diety-Meme-Ursula Young 4301 power Inn Road Matress Factory
Sol Collective 44th and Roosevelt
Caratoes 2131 Capitol Avenue
Jose Di Gregorio 701 S Street. (Beatnick Gallery Parking Lot)
Micah Crandall-Bear 730 R Street (Smud): Rhodin Alley
Jeremy Stanger 7324 Folsom Blvd
Ludo 917 7th St (Improve Alley)
Phlegm Retaining Wall, Improv Alley
Tyson Anthony Roberts Cannon restaurant patio 1719 34th street
Jeremy Stanger General Produce 1330 N B Street
Christina Angelina 1120 7 th Street Kayak Alley
DDSO Mural project Panel A & B - 917 7th St (Improv Alley)
Michael Mcdaniel - TLCS Panel C & D - 917 7th St (Improv Alley)
Josh Everhorn Panel E - 917 7th St (Improv Alley)
How&Nosm Residence Inn - 1121 15th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Markos Egure - Artners Collaborative Retaining Wall - 917 7th St (Improv Alley)
Trav MSK River City indoor RV and Boat Storage. 8301 Belvedere Ave.
Okuda The Mill At Broadway 2698 3rd Street
Miles Toland 730 R Street
Shaun Burner and Francesca Gamez Atlas - 3000 Power Inn Road