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Wide Open Walls | 8th - 18th August, 2019 Artist Application 2019 Vendor Application Wall Application 2019


About us

Wide Open Walls is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to promote and celebrate public art. We believe that art is an integral part of the human experience, and can empower, inspire and transform lives. Wide Open Walls promotes diversity through artistic expression. We think art should be part of daily life, and want art to reach a wider audience. Our mission is embodied in Wide Open Walls - our annual festival in August that brings our region together to celebrate Art for All. The festival brings both local, national and international artists together to transform our region with amazing street art. We also produce other public art events throughout the year - including The Mural Jam, Sac Republic's Paint The Park, and the upcoming Playa Art Trail. Wide Open Walls brings underserved neighborhoods public art that encourages a sense of pride and identity; provides community gathering spaces; generates impactful, measurable economic growth for our region; and promotes greater cultural understanding and appreciation amongst diverse groups.

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